Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association

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Our Purpose

To provide leadership to develop a footpath only trail along an area of the

       southeast shore of Lake Martin and the area known as Cherokee Ridge and Cherokee

       Bluff in Tallapoosa County that will provide the public with a wooded trail retreat

       into nature, and to promote preservation of this unique alpine areas in its present 

       natural use state


Our Vision

 As citizens of Central Alabama, we envision a footpath trail

       accessible from public roads and waters, with varied physical and visual features that  

       will stimulate and provide opportunities for people to retreat to nature and  

       environmentally protect this unique alpine area of the Tallapoosa River Valley.  We

       envision the establishment of such a trail helping promote the general health of its

       users and providing opportunities for recreation through efforts in planning,

       constructing and using the trail.  We envision attracting trail users that will in turn

       stimulate economic entities that lend themselves to such individual, family, and

       community outdoor activity.  We further envision this trail as a venue for educational

       opportunities in natural environments. 


Our Mission

The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association, Inc., is a

       volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to planning, building, and maintaining a

       footpath only trail.  This trail is to be free of bicycles, motorized vehicles, horses, or

       other pack animals and utilized in a manner that will help preserve and promote the

       natural beauty of the flora, fauna, and other unique features of the Tallapoosa River

       Valley near the southeast shore of Lake Martin known as Cherokee Ridge, and

       Cherokee Bluff, south of Martin Dam near State Highway 50. 


Located Near Beautiful Lake Martin, Alabama